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2018 Swimming Lessons

Finally Swimming Lessons on your Terms in 2018

With 4 multi-depth pools, AquaZone caters for the little ones just starting out, through to the more advanced swimmer.

And with our unique “Stay and Play” deal, your child can gain extra water confidence each day – all while you sit back and enjoy a Piccolo’s coffee from our café.

Awarded Swim School of the Year by Life Saving Victoria, and recognised internationally, you can be confident that your child's swimming lesson is in good hands.

AquaZone’s goal is to allow access to learn to swim lessons for every child in Warrnambool, that is why we offer a 30% discount on concession card holders.

Why AquaZone for Swimming Lessons?


People have busy lifestyles with conflicting demands on them and their children. At AquaZone we understand this and have made significant changes to our swimming lessons to allow access even for the busiest lifestyles, including:   

  • 18 swimming levels conducted over 200+ individual classes, 7 days a week, for 322 days of the year, so you have more swimming lesson options to fit your families lifestyle.
  • Suspend your child's lessons when you want; you may suspend for 2 lessons per year outside our usual payment suspension in December. (excluding July school holidays which have been factored into your fees)
  • 24/7 access to an online parent portal which provides updated information on your child's swimming progression, and manages your child's swimming account.


Water is an unnatural environment for a child and can be fearful at first. Gaining confidence in the water is a key factor in teaching your child to swim. AquaZone recognises that the ability for your child to touch the bottom of the pool at the early stages of swimming is critical to their swimming development.

  • Our swimming program is delivered over 4 separate pools from a zero depth beach access leisure pool to a 50m Olympic pool.
  • We have warmer pools for babies and infants and slightly cooler pools for the more active levels to minimise heat stress.


AquaZone continually strives to deliver Warrnambool residents with the best possible swim school for their children. Through the hard work of our swim team, AquaZone has become recognised as an industry leader swim school.

  • Life-Saving Victoria’s inaugural Swim School of the Year and a finalist in 2016.
  • Victoria’s only site for the World’s Largest Swimming Lessons in 2015 and 2016.
  • AquaZone staff hold positions on some key industry bodies including
    • Board member on Victoria's peak industry body for the aquatics industry. 
    • Life-Saving Victorias Watch around Water industry advisory committee.
    • Staff members presenting at industry conferences on swimming schools.  

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