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Alternative at home exercises

We have developed a list of alternative exercises for our Technogym strength equipment, all of which can be completed at home!

This means you have the opportunity to complete a variation of your gym workout at home.

We understand that it may be difficult and frustrating not being able to access our facilities, we have decided to work with you by developing an active at home initiative that will all you to stay active without having to leave the house. Below we have listed a variation of exercises that would normally be completed on our gym equipment, that you can do from home. All of the exercises can be altered to suit your ability, for example you can either add or take away weights as required. 

This is a simple and inexpensive way for you to workout, by using materials you have already at home and easy to follow exercises on our ‘MyWellness’ app.

It is important that you understand these exercises are only a guide and not prescribed to you and should only be undertaken within your ability. Activities should be completed with care and following instructions as set out on the Mywellness app, or with doctors approval.

Things to remember when completing these exercises:

  • Undertaking proper warm up
  • Head positioning
  • Neutral spine
  • Breathing during exercises
  • Cool down
  • Drinking water whilst exercising

When participating in exercise at home you should always be aware of the appropriateness of where you’re doing the exercises and the spacing around to prevent injuries such as slips, trips, falls and contact injuries.

We understand that it can be difficult to workout at home without proper equipment, however there are many alternatives you can use such as cans of food, bottles of juice or milk or laundry detergent as dumbbells. You could fill a back pack with books to use as a heavier weight.  Bags of pet food or potatoes also provide a heavier alternative.

Each of the exercises listed below can be accessed on our ‘MyWellness’ app.

  •  To locate these open the ‘MyWellness’ app
  • Go to the second tab at the bottom (square with tick in it)
  • Select “Do it yourself”
  • Search for the exercise you’re looking for by the names listed below, this provides you with specific cues to help you complete the exercises safely
  • Input the number of reps/sets/rest you have completed for the exercise
  • The home screen will automatically reload with a banner at the top that says 'free training' > click 'resume' then 'add exercise' to add your next activity
  • Same process as before > search the exercise name > input the number of reps/sets/rest you complete
  • Repeat this until you have finished your workout
  • When you have, click 'Close Workout' then 'Close and save workout'
  • This will save the exercises you completed so next workout they will be availble for use, you won't have to search them everytime
  • View your previous workouts by pressing the graph logo at the bottom of the app and scroll down to find the workout
  • This means you can track your at home workouts

To find out more about the Mywellness App, or to create an account and connect with us at Aquazone, click here

Below we have listed the strength equipment available in our gym and exercise names that you can use to subsititute the equipment.

Abdominal Crunch:

Can be replaced with 1) Crunch (many variations available) or 2) Cross body crunch

Back extension:

Can be replaced with 1) Back extension - prone 2) Superman or 3) Alternative arm and leg extension

Rotary Torso:

Can be replaced with 1) Trunk rotation - standing, 2) Trunk rotation standing or 3) Upward trunk rotation

Leg extension:

Can be replaced with 1) Seated leg extension or 2) Leg extension - medicine ball


Leg Curl:

Can be replaced with 1) Prone leg curl 2) Prone leg curl - medicine ball 3) Glute bridge - single leg curls or 4) Leg lifts - glute bridge


Can be replaced with 1) Row - bent-over or 2) Reverse fly - bent over


Chest press:

Can be replaced with 1) Push-up - on knees/push up 2) Push-up - standing (can be done on wall) or 3) Explosive wall push-up

Leg press:

Can be replaced with 1) Squat (many variations including with medicine ball/dumbbell) or 2) Forward lunge (many variations)

Calf raise:

Can be replaced with 1) Calf raise (variations available - including seated)

Shoulder press:

Can be replaced with 1) Overhead press - seated on bench or 2) Overhead press - standing

Long pull:

Can be replaced with 1) Standing band pulls or 2) Seated band pulls


Lat pulldown:

Can be replaced with 1) Kneeling bent over row 2) Row - bent-over


All images and videos are courtesy of Technogym and Mywellness.

To find our more about how Aquazone can help you stay active this isolation, click here

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