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Centre Sponsorship

Supporting the Community

AquaZone supports the fundraising efforts by community organisations through providing in kind donations for fundraising activities.

If your organisation would like to receive any in kind donations from AquaZone please fill in the form provided.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only available to not for profit and community organisations

  • Request for donations are only accepted through the online request form provided

  • Donations are not transferable for cash

  • Donations are only allowed for the purpose that is indicated on the application

  • The donation is not to be used in conjunction with any other product or service e.g. bundling AquaZone’s donation with other prizes to form a larger prize.

  • A acquittal of the donation is required by 7 days from when the donation is used e.g. a draw of the raffle

Acquittal process

  1. Post evidence of the donation being used in Facebook e.g. a photo of the recipient receiving the prize.

  2. Hashtag the post with #aquazone.

Request for donation

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