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Fitness Timetable

Group Fitness is back in action

Please click here to view our timetable online

We have a new group fitness timetable starting on 25th January 2021. 

Our Les Mills programs will consist of 'instructors choice' choreography as they follow along their favourite tracks. We look forward to launching with brand new choreography in March 2021.

From Monday 25th our Aqua Lite program will increase to a capacity of 25 people. We will also welcome back Aqua Fit twice per week, perfect for those looking for higher intensity water aerobics sessions. 

Due to an external booking, the 10am Aqua Lite will not run on Saturday 13th February. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Due to a school carnival, the 10am Aqua Lite and 11am Aqua Fit will not run on Monday 22nd February. Instead we will be running a 10am Aqua Lite and 11am Aqua Fit on Thursday 25th February, this week only. 

We are very glad to finally be able to resume our Preventative Health Programs, including Pulse Lite and our referral only General Exercise Class. Call 5559 4500 for more information on these sessions. 

A live version of the timetable can be found on our Mywellness App 

All sessions must be booked, with bookings opening from the session start time, 6 days prior.

  • For example, if you wish to attend the 7am swim session on Monday 20th, you are able to book from 7am Tuesday 14th. If you wish to attend the 10.45am Aqua Lite session Friday 24th, you are able to book from 10.45am Saturday 18th

Call or visit our front counter to book. Cannot be booked prior to session start time. Call us on 5559 4500 or come and see our front counter to book. 

Unable to attend bookings

If you are unable to attend a booked class, it is essential you call to cancel your booking. We may have a number of people waiting for a spot and we would love to offer it to them. So please, if you cannot attend any booked sessions, please call the centre on 5559 4500 to notify us. 


All members will remain on suspension until we can operate at an unrestricted capacity and all services have resumed. Though you may choose to start your membership earlier depending on how often you attend. Please just let our customer service staff know if you would like to restart your membership. 

If you have a direct debit membership, there will be a pro-rata payment required to cover time from reactivating membership to next Direct Debit, this will be processed when you reactive your membership.

If you have a fixed term membership, your expiry date will automatically be updated to reflect time on suspension. 

Please click here for our casual pricing.



Change rooms are open.


Social Distancing and Entry

We have taken every precaution to ensure we have a strong COVID safe plan, however, we ask members to practise good social distancing (please avoid congregating at the end of the lanes), follow the spacing stickers on the floors in the foyer, follow directional signage.

As per restrictions, masks are required indoors. This means masks are required in our foyer and common areas. Masks can be removed when completing exercise in classes.

Upon entry, use the hand sanitiser provided, pay or scan at the front counter, move quickly through the indoor pool hall and enjoy your swim.

Spectators and parents are expected to adhere to the current guidlines for the prevention of COVID19 transmission, including;

  • Social distancing,
  • minimal interaction with other groups &
  • sanitising hands regularly.

Wait list

If a class you're interested in is booked out, we encourage you do go on our wait list. If a spot becomes available we will book you in to the class and give you a call. If your situation has changed and you can no longer attend the class/you are not interested, please call the centre to let them know as someone else may be interested in the spot.

For an overview of our reopening, please click here


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