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Get a MOVE on Warrnambool

We want to get Warrnambool MOVING

With summer around the corner now is the time to get active. Whether you gym, bike, walk, swim or do any other type of activity we want you to join us in gettig each other moving. We know it can be hard starting or getting back into an exercise routine, so we want to help!

During November AquaZone will be hosting Get a Move on Warrnambool, a free online fitness challenge where the community can motivate and support each other to get fit and healthy.

Join in on this great community event to get yourself motivated and active! There will be lots of opportunities to get moving, including free community exercise sessions and prize giveaways.

Join the Movement

To join the challenge:

  1. Download the Mywellness app from the app store or google play
  2. Join the ‘Get a Move on Warrnambool Challenge’ on the app.
  3. Start exercising and log your activity on the app.


  1. Link your favourite app or tracker to the Mywellness app
  2. Come down to AquaZone and get a free BodyScan to monitor any physical changes during the challenge
  3. Join AquaZone to use the Mywellness connected equipment and classes


For information on Mywellness and how to set up an account, please click the logo below. 



Do you have to be a member of AquaZone to join the challenge?

No! The challenge is open to all Warrnambool residents

Why is AquaZone doing this?

As a major recreational facility, AquaZone has a role in getting all the community active. Our member fitness app has many features that can be used outside the centre, which we want to share with the community.

If I join the challenge can I use AquaZone for free?

The challenge itself is free, however if you want to use AquaZone we have a range of membership or casual use options available.

I already use a fitness app or tracker can I use mine in the challenge?

The Mywellness app integrates with the leading fitness apps including Strava, Fitbit and My Fitness Pal. The app also integrates with most heart rate trackers as well as Apple and Android watches. Why not keep doing what you already are, but go in with the chance to win some prizes and connect with likeminded people!

I want to join the challenge but I am concerned about my privacy?

You have ability to create an alias to hide your identity. When you join mywellness you have the opportunity to create a nickname including photo, which will become your public profile.

I am concerned about my data

All of the data that is recorded on Mywellness complies with the laws regarding the privacy of our users. You can opt out of the app at any time by contacting us and we can remove you and your data from the system.

I am having trouble joining the challenge

If you have downloaded the Mywellness app and created an account but are struggling to find the Get a Move on Warrnmabool challenge, please call us on 5559 4501 and we will assist!

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