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Group Fitness Upgrade

New Year New Fitness

In 2019 Aquazone will be changing the face of fitness in Warrnambool. Following on from our recent Gym, Group Cycle and Boxing renovations, we will be upgrading our group fitness studio. From the 20th December to the 5th January AquaZone will be undertaking works to upgrade the studio to allow AquaZone to offer a wider range of fitness programs and a more connected fitness experience to you. We chose this time of the year as this is our quietest period for group fitness with a seasonally modified timeable in place.

During this time there will be interuptions to the studio's timetable for the works to occur. You can keep updated on the timetable changes on the following

  • The Group fitness timetable page on the website.
  • On the mywellness app.

We will celebrate the updated fitness studio with a Free Fitness Festival on the 5th of January, where you can try out our latest programs and launching the 2019 Summer/ Autum Fitness Timetable

Do What Moves You

AquaZone is an increasing the range of fitness offerings that will give you more options you to stay motivated, progress and maintain your exercise program. Below are our three categories of training options outlining there individual benefits.

To help you chose whats right for you try out our Aspiration Finder Questionare to map the training category that is the best fit.


Exercise should be fun, and our group fitness classes are a powerful way to get the motivation, inspiration and results you're after.  We have a wide choice of classes that are a great complement to any training programme. Each fitness class has its own advantages depending on what you’re looking for. If you need help deciding, you can get more details about each class here.


​Team training takes the group experience to the next level. With smaller class numbers our fitness coaches are able to more time on you delivering functional exercises which require greater attention to form and technique. If you like to be challenged, then team training is for you.

Teambeats, our new Team Training platform, creates a new and engaging workout experience including

  • Video of the exercises to supports your coaching in the session
  • Heart rate feedback of your workout
  • Visual display of workout and rest periods 

For a sneak preview of Teambeats go here 


If you like a more individualised workout and would like the flexibility to exercise when you want then personalised training is for you. With personalised training, our personal trainers create a workout plan for you that is tailored to your schedule, pace and goals. From setting goals to customising your workouts, our personal trainers draw on proven strategies to ensure you’re moving in the direction you want.

Get the most from your workout at AquaZone.

You can now measure results from your gym session, a team training sessions, group training classes, outdoor training including walking running or cylcing and you bodyscans all in one area. Mywellness is your fitness companion which tracks and measures your fitness data in one place and can be accessed from

  • The mywellness app
  • Your personal mywellness webpage
  • Consoles at AquaZone

Mywellness also intergrates with leading fitness trackers like Fitbit, Garmen, Polar and popular fitness apps like myfitness Pal and Strava.

Get the mywellness app at



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