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Lets Move for a Better World

Donate your physical activity to help raise funds for the Parkinsons Victoria Warrnambool Support Group

From 16 March - 4 April, AquaZone will participate with over 1,373 fitness facilities in 32 countries in a movement to fight obesity and sedentary lifestyle in the annual Let's Move for a Better World Campaign. The campaign is designed to get communities active by having participants donating their activity towards a social cause. This year the activity donated at AquaZone will go towards equipment for the Parkinson’s Victoria Warrnambool Support Group.

To join the campaign participants create a mywellness account, where they will log their activity, which can be collected by the following.

  • Working out at AquaZone on Technogym equipment
  • Participating in TEAMBEATS session, AquaZone’s small group training classes
  • Participating in AquaZone’s group fitness classes, with a HR tracker
  • Exercising outdoors using a HR fitness tracker

Activity in the challenge will be measured by MOVE’s a new way to measure physical activity that bonds the whole community. MOVES which measures the body’s displacement in space, give everyone the same chance and opportunity, irrespective of age, sex and level of physical fitness.

How Do I Get Involved

1. Download the mywellness app and join the Lets Move for a Better World challenge

2. Decide how much activity you would like to donate

I want to regularly donate my activity for the duration of the campaign

At AquaZone

Join up on our Move fo a Better World Pass, which gives you access to the following area that allow you to collect moves.

  • Gymnasium
  • TeamBeats Small Group Traing Sessions
  • Group Cycle Classes

We are currently working on the details of the pass, and will post on Facebook when available.   

Outside of AquaZone

You can log your activity outside of AquaZone by linking you activity tracker to your Mywellness account

I just want to come in once and donate some activity.

We have a free one off session visit pass to allow you to attend AquaZone and donate your activity. 


Terms and Condition of Entry and Membership can be found here.



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