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Group Cycle Upgrade

Group Cycling

A motivating indoor cycling experience through connectivity

If it’s fun you want, with Group Cycle™ you can enjoy rides bursting with entertainment and motivation: inspirational videos and music to set the mood and the beat.

Reach your goals through workout tracking

Group Cycle Connect is the world’s first and only indoor cycling bike that tracks workout, enabling you to improve their performance through a totally immersive riding experience. It combines unique design with cutting-edge connectivity, awesome feeling and unparalleled ease of use.

Cutting-edge design for an awesome riding feeling

Technology and design enable riders to enjoy a real road bike feeling to be in the front line of the action. Group Cycle Ride is easy to use like never before, thanks to the exclusive patent pending ON-THE-FLY SETTINGS. It combines unique design with awesome feeling and technology to enable you to be in the front line of the action.

Track your workout

Users can sign in to the Wi-Fi connected Console via Bluetooth® Smart, QR code, NFC technology, mywellness® key or Technogym key, to track and save workout data.

Resistance knob with tactile feedback

Intuitive graphics and tactile clicks every 45° on the knob make precise adjustments between the 20 resistance levels incredibly easy. The selected resistance level is displayed on the Console.

+/- 2% power metre accuracy

The Console measures power output in watts and is accurate to +/- 2%.






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