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Staying active with Aquazone

Need help staying motivated during isolation 2.0? Aquazone can help!

We have Workouts of the Day scheduled on our Mywellness app every day. These are at home sessions that require no/minimal equipment to complete. 

We know this second closure came right as many people where hitting their stride back at Aquazone, so we want to help you keep up your fitness at home!

Already have the Mywellness App? Log in and you can view the daily workouts as below.

Yet to set up an account? Click here to find out more about Mywellness. Fill in your details at the bottom of that page and we'll get you sorted.

Tired of missing out on your favourite Les Mills programs during lockdown 2.0? Don't want to miss a step when you come back? Les Mills On Demand is for you!

We have a great offer for you with a discounted monthly subscription. Sign up to the month to month subscription and you can get a special Aquazone price, with the option of cancelling after you return to Aquazone. This will help you to stay motivated and up to date with Les Mills choreography at home. With many different class options, Les Mills On Demand is perfect to help you ease back in to exercise, or to maintain your fitness!

Already signed up to Les Mills On Demand, that's ok! You can still cancel your subscription and rejoin with our link to access the discounted rate!

Click the logo below to get started and access Aquazone's deal


For a list of alternative at home exercises, click here


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