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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of AquaZone – Warrnambool Aquatic Leisure Centre.

General Conditions of Entry

  • Patrons entering the Warrnambool Aquatic and Leisure Centre or its car park do so at their own risk. The City of Warrnambool or their employees will not accept liability for any personal injury, loss or damage to property, however caused.

Conditions of Entry

  • All patrons must register at reception upon entry.
  • Children under 10 must remain under the supervision of a responsible person over 16 years of age.
  • Concession entry is available upon appropriate concession identification being presented
  • For health and safety reason the following are prohibited from the centre
    1. Glass bottles and containers
    2. Alcohol
    3. Smoking within 10 metres of the centre
  • Appropriate bathing / exercise attire must be worn at all times

Patrons not adhering to these policies may be advised to leave the premise.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry.


Important Terms and Conditions of Your Membership

  • Where applicable, I confirm that a licenced Medical Practitioner has assessed my medical condition and authorised me to enter into this membership.
  • If I am unable to consent to receive medical treatment, I consent to AquaZone acting on my behalf.
  • I understand my fees are due in total for Term/Multi-Pass applications or monthly payments for Direct Debit.
  • I understand as part of AquaZone’s annual review of fees my Direct Debit may be subject to change during each calendar year. I will be given 14 days written notice prior to any changes.
  • I understand I can suspend my Membership by completing a Membership Suspension Form and understand that backdated suspensions may not be approved.
  • I understand I must give 3 days notice to cancel my Direct Debit Membership. I may release myself from the responsibility of a “minimum term” as outlined in the AquaZone membership terms and conditions.
  • I understand that for Term/Multi-Pass refunds that qualify, they will be calculated from the date of notice and are based on a pro rata rate for the unused portion of the membership.
  • I understand that my personal information will not be disclosed to thirdparties, except if required by law.


AquaZone Membership / Multipass / Direct Debit / Merchant Transmission Request

This document outlines our service commitment to you in respect of the Direct Debit/Merchant Transmission Request arrangements made between Warrnambool City Council ABN 44 594 264 321 and you. It sets out your rights, our commitment to you and your responsibilities to us together with where you should go for assistance.

Initial Terms of the Arrangement

In terms of the arrangements made between us and signed by you, we undertake to periodically debit your nominated account/credit card for the agreed amount for membership fees at AquaZone.

Drawing Arrangement

  • The first drawing under this arrangement will occur on the date nominated on the Direct Debit/Merchant Transmission Request signed by you. Currently this is the 28th of each month.
  • If any drawing falls due on a non-business day, it will be debited to your account/credit card on the next business day following the scheduled drawing date.
  • We will give you at least 14 days’ notice in writing when changes to the initial terms of the arrangement are made. This notice may state a new amount, change of frequency, next drawing date and any other changes to the initial term.
  • If you wish to discuss any changes to the initial terms please contact AquaZone in person, by telephone on (03) 5559 4500 or email


Changes of Arrangement

If you want to make changes to the drawing arrangements, contact AquaZone in person, by telephone on (03) 5559 4500 or email These arrangements may include:

  • Deferring the drawing
  • Altering the schedule
  • Stopping an individual debit
  • Suspending the transmission
  • Cancelling the transmission request completely

Terms and Conditions

1. Minimum Terms

Please refer to your membership term for any minimum terms.

2. Suspension

Members are able to suspend their membership for a month, in weekly increments, at any time in a 12 month period.

3. Cancellations

Direct Debit members can cancel their membership by completing a Membership Modification form (Cancellation component) not less than three working days prior to the date of debit processing. Currently this is the 28th of each month.



Direct all enquiries to AquaZone rather than to your financial institution and these enquiries should be made at least three working days prior to the next scheduled drawing date. All communication addressed to AquaZone should include your membership number.

All personal member information held by us will be kept confidential except that information provided to our financial institution to initiate the drawing from your nominated account.


If you believe that a drawing has been initiated incorrectly we encourage you to take the matter up directly with us by coming into the Centre, by telephone on 555 94500 or email If you do not receive a satisfactory response to your dispute from AquaZone, contact your financial institution who will respond to your claim:

  • Within 5 business days (for claims lodged within 12 months of the disputed drawing) OR,
  • You will receive a refund of the drawing amount if we cannot substantiate the reason for the drawing.

It is your responsibilities to ensure that:

  • Your nominated account/credit card can accept direct debits (your financial institution can confirm this) AND
  • That on the drawing date there is sufficient cleared funds/credit available AND
  • That you advise us if the nominated account/credit card is transferred or closed.

If your drawing is returned or dishonoured by your financial institution, AquaZone will contact you and advise that your drawing has been returned and request that you make a payment within seven working days. If payment is not made within seven working days your membership may be cancelled. Any transaction fees payable by us in respect of the above plus an administration fee of $33.00 (including GST) will be added to your account and drawn from your account on the next drawing date.


3 Month Discounted Memberships

In addition to the general conditions of entry and other contractual arrangement, the three month discounted memberships shall adhere to the following conditions;

  • Applicants shall not have had an active membership in the previous 90 days
  • Members are not eligible for;
    •  Extensions, or
    •  Suspensions
  • Memberships cannot be
    • Cancelled
    • Transferred, or
    • Refunded.


14 Day Membership

In addition to the general conditions of entry and other contractual arrangement, the three month discounted memberships shall adhere to the following conditions;

  • Members are not eligible for;
    •  Extensions, or
    •  Suspensions
  • Memberships cannot be
    • Cancelled
    • Transferred, or
    • Refunded.


Thank You - Management and Staff - AquaZone - Warrnambool Aquatic Leisure Centre

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