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Thank you for visiting AquaZone’s Your Say page. With over 350,000 visits per year, AquaZone is a major community facility, and your input is an important part of our planning process to ensure that our facilities and programs meet community needs.   

AquaZone Strategy

In 2012 Council adopted a Strategy to guide AquaZone’s operations through to 2025. A key part of the process of developing the Strategy, was a comprehensive community consultation process including:

Community Survey; Over 1000 people responded to our online survey. Booths were set up at community events to allow people who did not regularly attend AquaZone to have their say.

Interviews with user groups; this included sports clubs, schools and community groups.

Public Forums; A random sample of 50 Warrnambool residents participated in a 1 day forum. A  Forum was also conducted with a random sample of Warrnambool’s Youth.

The final Strategy outlined the following recommendations to be actioned over the next 15yrs...

Strategy Recomendations

Our Ongoing Survey

While we get a lot of information from our annual survey, a year is a long time. We want to hear from you more often but we also know that surveys can be time consuming. So we have introduced the Net Promoter Score. The Net Promotor Score (which is used by companies including Qantas, Westpac and Apple) only has 2 questions:

How do you rate us?

And why did you give us this score?

This information is benchmarked against 200,000 other surveys from aquatic and fitness facilities around Australia, North America and Europe. The following information is how we rate, and what you have said.

Net Promoter Score

Annual Customer Survey

While we get a lot of feedback for our ongoing surveys, we always want to find out more. We also understand that your time is important. We conduct a comprehensive customer survey once a year. This information is important to our future planning. 

2014/15 Survey Results 


We want to hear from you outside of our surveys and welcome your feedback. To make it easier for you we have come up with a number of ways to give your feedback.

  • Download our app; one of the many features on the app is a feedback form.
  • Online; frollow the link to our feeback form
  • In person; talk to one of our friendly staff.

I want to give feedback

Do you have an idea?

Have you seen a program or service elsewhere that you would like to see at AquaZone? We want to hear from you.

I have an idea


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