School Swimming Program

AquaZone schools program:

Here at AquaZone we partner with schools all year round to insure that all students have the best opportunity to receive swimming lessons. Swimming is vital in every child’s development for survival skills. We work with Royal Lifesaving Victoria and the Victorian Education Department to ensure students gain the necessary skills needed under the correct condition and guidelines

National Swimming framework and benchmarks:

Our school swim program aims at ensuring all students have the best opportunity to development milestones of the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework in order to meet and exceed the National Benchmarks for swimming for their age.

Victorian Water Safety Certificate:

We offer all year 6 students the opportunity to be assessed for their Victorian Water Safety Certificate. This is a Victorian Government initiative, which describes specific competencies that should be achieved by the time students reach the end of primary school. The certificate describes specific competencies that focus on water safety knowledge, rescue skills, a survival sequence and the ability to swim a continuous distance of 50 metres. The certificate is designed to supplement existing swimming & water safety programs delivered by schools and learn-to-swim providers.

To receive the VWSC, students need to achieve the following competencies

Framework Skills
Water Safety Knowledge Answer questions relating to safety rules for a range of aquatic environments.
Swim Swim continuously for 50 metres.
Under Water Surface dive, swim underwater and search to recover an object from deep water.
Lifesaving Respond to an emergency by demonstrating DRSAB and the recovery position.
Rescue Skills

Rescue a person using non-swimming rescue techniques:
Reach rescue using a non-rigid aid.
Throw rescue using a weighted rope.
Throw rescue using a buoyant object and unweighted rope.

Survival Sequence

Perform a survival sequence wearing light clothing:
Enter the water safely.
Scull, float and tread water for 2 minutes; signalling for help intermittently.
Swim survival strokes slowly for 3 minutes.
Exit the water safely.

Supervision and Ratios

Venue Required Qualifications Ratio (Instructor: Student)
Swimming Pools

At least one instructor must have one of the following:

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Certificate
  • Swim Australia Teacher
  • Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming
  • Life Saving Victoria – Swimming and Water Safety Teacher
  • Skill Set SISSS00112 ‘Swimming and Water Safety Teacher’ from an accredited provider.


Beginner 1:10
Intermediate 1:12
Advanced 1:15